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What is Verbal SWAT™ ?

Verbal SWAT™ is the language of healing in the Emergency setting. It fundamentally shifts how Emergency Professionals provide care by changing the perception, reaction, and results of our patient’s experience while enhancing and rejuvenating the provider. Verbal SWAT™ changes what we say, how we say things, and when we say things to elicit positive results and become Emergency Medical Hypnotists™. It creates, within the Emergency Medical Professional, a chain of influence that allows them to drive the care. Using a unique combination of Emergency Medicine, hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), and healing touch, we are able to achieve amazing results, instant rapport, better compliance, faster recovery, and more satisfied patients on a consistent basis “out on the streets” in several busy New England cities. We have honed our skills and distilled our techniques into a very efficient and successful method known as Verbal SWAT™.

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The Patient Whisperers